This list is far from complete. I've worked on quite a few projects that don't appear in this list because they were either internal only, are available only in certain regional markets, or I just don't have the URL.

RP Solutions Projects

RapidRDC - Android and iOS Apps

A hybrid app using Ionic Framework, Angular, TypeScript, Swift, and Java that I was lead developer on at RP Solutions. Allowed our users to import checks into their system with their mobile phone, who previously only had to use a desktop check scanning machine.

Hanson Inc. Projects

Eaton PowerSource

I was the lead front-end developer on this ASP.Net project. We worked very closely with the client, using iterative software development, to make sure that each of the client's many needs were met at each cycle.

ProMedica Android App

An Android application I developed for ProMedica that allows users to find doctors, healthcare centers, and nearby emergency rooms. It gives information and phone numbers for each and provides directions.

DealerPulse Mobile

This is one of the many cross-platform (iOS and Android) applications that I worked on at Hanson. I served as lead front-end developer on this Cordova/PhoneGap app.

Ford Customer Viewpoint

This is a Ford internal cross platform Angular mobile app that we did for Maritz. It allows Ford and Ford dealerships to track customer/salesperson relationships across all of their dealerships.

Lowe's Digital Rooftop Designer

A tool that I worked on while at Hanson Inc for Owens Corning/Lowe's that allows you to take a picture of your house and virtually apply Owens Corning products to it.

Columbus Airport Way Finding Kiosk Application

I was one of two developers on this Flex based kiosk project. In total there are 11 of these kiosks running 24/7 in the Columbus Airport. The kiosks help airport goers navigation around from each kiosk location to their destination, printing out directions, or providing a mobile QR code for phone viewing. The kiosk also includes a camera for taking postcard-like photos. Kiosk status is monitored remotely and automatically for network connection or hardware issues. For a comprehensive demo, please check out this YouTube demo.

Lowe's and Home Depot Micro-sites

We worked with the client (Owens Corning) to create branded micro-sites for their Lowe's and HomeDepot customers.

You Are Here Toledo - Android App

An Android app I developed while at Hanson Inc for the City of Toledo and AIGA that allows you to scan QR codes attached to works of art around the city.

Chuck Snow - iPhone and Android Game

A game I developed at Hanson Inc. It was written in AS3 and cross-compiled in Flash Professional.

Animation Testing and Discovery for 3C

This animation, along with many others, were created during discovery for startup 3C's new website.

Three.js Closet Visualizer for Menards

I created this presentation to show Hanson employees some of the benefits of using Three.js when working with WebGL as well as some of the hurdles we overcame in the development of the Menards closet visualizer project.

Delta Faucet Website Redesign

I provided front end support on this project, fixing bugs and adding new content.

Freelance and Personal Projects

Chrome Extension - Cloudbleed Bookmark Checker

A Chrome extension that checks your bookmarks and browser history against domains potentially affected by the Cloudbleed exploit.


A PHP/jQuery based site using the Bootstrap framework that allows people to take their older running or non-running cars and instantly get an estimate to sell them. The estimate values given are pulled from the Edmunds REST api based on make, model, year, and condition.


A web based chat application that allows for the easy and anonymous creation of temporary chat rooms. Image and YouTube links are parsed and formatted for easy viewing.

Spotify Streamer Android App

An Android phone and tablet application that I created that allows users to search for and play samples of music on Spotify, using the Spotify API.

Android App for the Sears Outlet stores

An application for the Android platform that I created while working at Sears that allows users to easily get product information and stock details on items in the Sears Outlet store. (If you are testing on an Android phone, try #29822).

Chrome Extension - HTML5 Video Volume Restorer

This Chrome plugin allows you to maintain one volume across all HTML5 videos.

jQuery Plugin - Sprite Animator

This jQuery plugin allows you to animate sprite sheets exported from Adobe Flash. You can specify which frame to animate to, how many frames per second, and whether to play forwards or backwards.

University at Buffalo

Flash Timeline Project for University at Buffalo School of Social Work

An interactive web-based timeline in Flash with an ASP/SQL backend, used by professors and students of the Social Work department at UB.

Student Projects

Health Care System Database

A Medical System database that stores information on patients, hospitals, and insurance companies.

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